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Management Control Systems and Entrepreneurship in Lusaka   Johan Mjornvik and Marie Sanfridsson

Management Control Systems and Entrepreneurship in Lusaka

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
African entrepreneurs experience serious difficulties in developing and sustaining effective organizational arrangements and this is an obstacle to entrepreneurial development and the balance needed for survival, growth and competitiveness. Zambia is a developing country where measures need to be taken at all levels and fields of the society to reduce the poverty and one step is to increase the economic growth, innovation and job creation. This book includes personal interviews with eleven company managers in small and middle-sized companies acting in the formal sector in Zambia during spring 2008. The analysis and conclusions of these interviews describes how companies in Zambia are managed and if the companies are managed in an entrepreneurial way. It also describes how managers in Zambian companies define entrepreneurship and what they believe is needed for future business and entrepreneurial development in the companies and in Zambia. This book should be especially useful and...
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