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Whether cell phone is a necessity or a luxurious item?   Samia Ilyas Siddiqui,Shaista Jabeen and Mubashra Mumtaz

Whether cell phone is a necessity or a luxurious item?

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cell Phone is the marvelous invention of the modern era which has become a very renowned, trendy and well-liked customer electronic device due to its lots of advantages, valuable characteristics and admirable benefits. Especially when aligned with internet access, this indispensible device has various usage options. Moreover, this multitasking device has also some shortcomings which should also be taken into account. Being status symbol & source of entertainment as well for its customers, cell phone has created ambiguity in mind of people about the statement that “whether cell phone is a necessity or a luxurious item?” Following book can eradicate this confusion as it provides a lot of valuable information on beneficial, problematic & destructive aspects of cell phones along with standpoints of various valuable experts & researchers on the problem statement which can help out future researchers & mobile service providers in designing their product according to customization.
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