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Efficiency of Glaxo Smithkline’s Distribution Channel in Bangladesh   Md. Asaduzzaman Shovin

Efficiency of Glaxo Smithkline’s Distribution Channel in Bangladesh

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
‘GSK’ is one of the leading corporate houses and Multi-Nationals in Bangladesh with the policy to ensure consumer’s satisfaction by producing safe and intrinsic quality products with authentic taste through adoption of modern processing technology and procuring raw materials from selected sources. Pharmaceutical companies around the globe are continuously searching for extreme quality and innovation since their only product drug is highly sophisticated and directly related to the alleviation of human sufferings. In herring this responsibility on shoulder GlaxoSmithKline is operating globally as a world-class research based pharmaceutical company with its excellent development capabilities, regulatory expertise, global marketing reach, and financial strengths. The augmentation of GSK’s pipeline through in-licensing, co-marketing and co-promotion agreements ensures balance in its portfolio, and provides the basis for sustainable growth in a high-risk business like drug development....
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