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Retirement Benefits and Socioeconomic Development   Paluku Kazimoto

Retirement Benefits and Socioeconomic Development

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The retirement time kills more than hard work period ever does. Life style of retirees changes relatively with income. The small income the retirees get from their pensions are affected by the economic change and cost of living due to droughts that bring unexpected prevailing prices of goods and services. As income from employment comes to the end the retirees face new experience of life difficulty resulting into failure to meet normal life requirements as active employee. I know that you wish you could retire now, and looking for reasons of early retirement. Before that can become a reality, it’s important to understand the imagination that you have in mind for the amount you will need to have accumulated after certain years of services, may be without having any other means of surviving. I know also that some of your people think that you are working and saving money so that they may receive a big inheritance after you have passed away. On my side I’m sorry, don’t expect anything...
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