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Significance of Customer Relationship in Enhancing Customer Equity   Babeet Gupta,J.S. Grewal and Ruchi Agarwal

Significance of Customer Relationship in Enhancing Customer Equity

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today, Automobile industry comprises a large and growing portion of the world's total business. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become one of the favorite markets for automobile companies around the world, primarily as the Middle East has been one of the more resilient regional markets compared with North America and Europe. In UAE, almost all companies in this industry, large or small, are affected by global events and competition. In the current competitive business environment in UAE, the principal issues faced by automobile firms must be addressed for the long term sustainability of these firms. In this backdrop, the customer relationship focus can not only address the issues facing the automobile firms but also show the path to the long term sustainability of the business by making it more profitable through acquisition of profitable customers and retention of customers. This book establishes the significance of customer relationship focus in building customer equity in a...
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