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Entrepreneurship Development   Rajandran K.V.R.,Jeevanantham A. and Aramvalarthan S.

Entrepreneurship Development

232 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The economic liberalization initiated during the final decade of 20th century has gained momentum in this decade. However, the benefits of this growth have been confined mostly to urban area. Poverty and lack of basic facilities such as schools, health services, roads, electricity, communication etc., have resulted in the migration of rural population to cities to seek better lives and jobs. This cannot be prevented unless rural development is ensured and the standard of living of the villagers is improved. Periyar Maniammai University which is situated at Vallam, Thanjavur has undertaken the role of supporting institution that bridges the urban rural relationship through rural development. A programme called as PURA “Providing Urban Amenities to the Rural Areas” was launched to develop the rural area. The programme was initiated based on the principles of the great social reformer Thanthai Periyar, who proclaimed that villagers should get the same amenities as enjoyed by people in...
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