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Model Development of Quality Management System   Amare Matebu and Daniel Kitaw

Model Development of Quality Management System

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today competition is truly global. Higher product quality is required for a company to become more competitive both local and in international market, and quality is the ultimate weapon. With the increasing global pressure of quality requirements, the traditional concept of quality control must be expanded to the concept of Quality Management System (QMS). Quality management system relies on people and involves everyone. Most of the Textile industries in Ethiopia are suffering with quality related problems such as: poor quality of raw materials, poor performance of products, high rework and scrap, poor utilization of the resources, low productivity, and customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, this investigation has focused on how these problems could be removed with the help of QMS. Based on the survey of four textile industries and two case studies (Bahirdar and Akaki textile share companies), nine major components have been identified for QMS implementation in Ethiopian textile...
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