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Corporate Social Responsibility in Cameroon   Felix Nkwetta Ajong

Corporate Social Responsibility in Cameroon

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Studies have seen various attempts at explaining the dominance and proliferation of CSR in mainstream business and as a competitive advantage for firms. Various scholars have previously emphasized on the importance of CSR community involvement and development which has been accentuated by ISO 26000 guidelines on social responsibility. Many of these studies however stimulating there are, have often been based mostly on the West with little focused on Africa and Cameroon in particular. Building upon previous researches and in order to gain a deeper understanding of the practices of CSR in Cameroon business environment and culture, a qualitative research has been conducted with a purposeful sample of mid-level ethics, sustainability and CSR managers of four companies alongside an identified group of stakeholders (local community representatives and NGOs) The study which assesses the extent to which community involvement and development as a core principle of CSR as outlined by ISO...
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