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The Management, Practices and Problems of Auto Repair Shops   Beatriz Onate

The Management, Practices and Problems of Auto Repair Shops

176 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The presence of automobiles bring about the proximity to places where education, recreation and employment are available. Without automobiles, transport and other activities would be paralyzed, thus progress would be difficult to achieve. Auto repair shops must be available to check and repair them in the event of trouble. The efficient performance of an automobile depends upon the treatment it receives. The study looked into the organization, operational practices and problems of auto repair shops and its impact to development. Included are the essentials of business system such as the proper form of business, strategic location and adequate capital, products/services in demand, competent management and a loyal motivated workforce. It gave a clear picture of auto repair shops as service business providing income to owners and employment to the community. This serves as a model to future entrepreneurs along this field.
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