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The Impact of Business Incubation on Small and Medium Enterprises   Mulugeta Agaze Dessie and Willem Petrus Jansen Van Rensburg

The Impact of Business Incubation on Small and Medium Enterprises

376 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The small medium and micro enterprise sector is an engine for the economy of both developing and developed countries. Creating jobs and reducing the poverty level is a challenge today. The business incubation model is a new approach to increase the performance of enterprises. With about 50 years history in the US and few years in many developing countries, the concept is in a big test if it can be a bullet proof solution for the SMME sector. This book includes the evaluation of the contribution of the business incubation model for the better survival and job creation potential of small enterprises in South Africa. The experience and views of many international business incubation professionals from Africa, USA, Central America, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia makes it a good resource for both new and practitioners in the field.
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