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Growth and Contributing Factors of Micro and Small Enterprises   Kirubel Habte

Growth and Contributing Factors of Micro and Small Enterprises

120 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The determinant factors of micro and small enterprises growth are: field of study (being trained in business like entrepreneurial marketing and entrepreneurial management), knowledge of ICT, market linkage and capital. The recognition and exploitation of opportunities is basic to entrepreneurs this comes true if and only if the entrepreneur has the knowledge of entrepreneurial marketing and entrepreneurial management because they provide entrepreneurs with greater capacity to solve much of their problems. ICT plays a prominent role to contact consumer. This book covers the applications of basic methods of descriptive and inferential statistics by using different techniques. It can be used as the supplement to a course text, the application of statistical techniques will help any interested party to clarify the theoretical part of statistics and it includes how to check the assumptions of multi–regression fit with the data that we have The book also incorporate how to answer multi...
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