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A Study On The Emerging Role Of Emotional Intelligence Management   Zeenat Sayeed

A Study On The Emerging Role Of Emotional Intelligence Management

556 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We are living in an age of speed and change. Individuals are increasingly exposed to both the positive and negative aspects of employment because of the ever-increasing complexities of the workplace. This creates stress and illusion. The new economy is thus not about technology, it is about a change in the basic assumptions of work, particularly the people factors of the business. And that’s what Emotional Intelligence is all about. It is the key to survive as a winner both in professional as well as personal life. This book is one of the first attempts to conduct fundamental diagnostic studies in the area of Emotional intelligence and burnout together at such a large scale in the service industry in Eastern India and has come with insightful findings in four different service sectors viz; Banking, IT, Hospital and hospitality. The scope for further studies based on the results of the quantitative work of this book is immense. This book will be of great help to initiate interest in...
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