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Relationship of Organizational Culture Change and Employee Performance   Irvandi Gustari

Relationship of Organizational Culture Change and Employee Performance

124 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In many cases the acquisition of a bank by foreign investors, many having problems at the time of the change management process. Foreign party as the new owner, considers changes in things: technology systems, human resource management system (organizational structure, talent management, remuneration systems, promotion systems), credit disbursement system, can immediately improve the level of bank profits. Handling of organizational culture is often regarded as unimportant by the foreign investors, as well as the determination of the exaptriate level executives are not well prepared, including an understanding of the organizational culture of the company and also often look down upon the prevailing local culture. Foreign investors are too focused on their total investment value. Many cases show, a lot of unrest and resistance from the employees, because they are as one asset Bank does not understand the direction and goals of the organization after being taken over by foreigners. As...
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