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Business Forecasting   Kamarasu Suryanarayana

Business Forecasting

276 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is an approach about how to do forecasting for business,as forecasting plays a major role in any business. In today's world computer is playing a major role in all the areas of business so the software's like WEKA and JAVA are used and also few internal and external factors were considered, in order to obtain forecasted values with higher accuracy. This book also discusses about supply chain management as forecasting is the initial area in supply chain management. If the forecasted values are obtained with higher accuracy then all the remaining areas like inventory,production,distribution etc., can be managed effectively. So an attempt was made in that direaction. To have a practical approach sales data of FMCG and NON-FMCG sectos were cosidered and the data was projected using the software mentioned above. The factors like price, income levels of the customers etc., were also considered while projecting the data for higher accuracy. The readers can enjoy the work...
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