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To Determine Relationship Between Workvalues and Job Satisfaction   Mugheera Maqbool

To Determine Relationship Between Workvalues and Job Satisfaction

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Values are traits that become the driving forces for setting priorities of human beings. Values not only direct people’s behavior but also influence the way people act, think, and believe. It is stated that self perception greatly influence values, cognitive faculties and behavior. When the employees join the organization they bring their deeply inculcated values and beliefs to the organization. In academic literature work values are significant because they influence the attitude towards the jobs. It is required by the managers and supervisors to fully comprehend employee’s work values to devise effective HR policies which are essential to meet out the needs of the employees so that satisfactory outcome is achieved particularly in those areas which employees value the most. Values of employes and Job Satisfaction are not only significant for managers but also for educational practitioners. It is the most significant variable in research and behavioral theory ranging from job design...
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