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Post Implementation Basel Accord Study in Pakistan   Syed Alamdar Ali Shah

Post Implementation Basel Accord Study in Pakistan

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Basel Accord has gained much importance all over the world through implementation of its different versions since 1988. Its different approaches have been adopted depending upon banking structures, riskiness of banking structures, development of financial structures and economic development in respective geographic territories. The adaptability of accord largely depends upon amongst others the availability of human and technological resources as well as the national culture of financial liberalization and accountability. Evidences from around the world suggest that even advanced countries failed to implement the Accord in true letter and spirit despite having adequate resources due to several domestic and international reasons. Pakistan started implementing Basel environment in the year 2005 with the deadline of full fledged adoptability up to December 2009. In this book we have endeavored to find out technical and human resource availability analysis of banks regarding their...
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