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Role of ATM Services in Customer Satisfaction   Safdar Hussain and Abdul Razzaq

Role of ATM Services in Customer Satisfaction

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A univariatecomparative study of public and private banks, designed to measure satisfaction level amongst consumer banking customers focusing ATM machines. The study would tend to operationalize customer satisfaction through ATM usability (? = 0.79), security (? = 0.80), perceived value (? = 0.84), trust (? = 0.83) and perceived risk (? = 0.80) which are beyond service quality (SERVQUAL) and service performance (SERVPERF) measures being used in banking sector. The overall ? of the variable is 0.922 obtained through inter dimensional as well as inter item consistency which confirms the high level of instrument and data reliability. The demographic data also conclude very useful information pertaining to bank customers in order to draw influencing inferential if need be. ATM services concerns are seemingly associated with private/ government sector employees with fair educational backgrounds surviving at mid of their careers with moderate level of income to fulfill needs of their...
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