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Role of Income Generating Activities   Ulaka Margaret,Moses Oginda and Gideon Momanyi

Role of Income Generating Activities

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The government support towards public universities has been on a steady decline, and the universities are forced to operate under tight budgets. This study assessed the role of income generating activities on the performance of human resource and physical development of Maseno University. The study forms a basic source of reference to the stakeholders who are interested in the private financing of universities. It adopted descriptive exploratory correlation and cross sectional survey research design.The target population was fifty one departments of the university where census sampling was used to select the sample frame. Both primary and secondary data was used to collect data through the use of questionnaires. Coefficient of correlation by the product moment method of Karl Pearson was used to compare relationship between variables. From the findings, there existed a strong relationship between the variables.
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