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Dairy Supply Chain Management   Muthumariappan Karthikeyan and Tadesse Teshome

Dairy Supply Chain Management

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Ethiopia a country whose citizen mainly dependent on agriculture, and therefore develop Supply chain that add value for customer with the lowest cost in the chain make up the winning network of individual producers. This book is an outcome of a research done to assess the existing supply chain management process of Ada’a dairy cooperative and thereby analyzing factors that affect the supply chain in order to evolve strategies to improve the smooth flow of the chain.The study result showed that the cooperative has started to promote dairy supply chain in the cooperative sector by playing a great role in averting different factors that affect the flow of supply chain which include organizational, technical, economic and marketing factors providing enabling environment and linkages for access to predetermined set of objectives and targets. To capture and reach at these end different supply chain strategies were evolved and recommended Integrated ownership strategy ,customer service...
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