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Modern business administration approaches spread: Russia versus Italy   Pavel Malyzhenkov,Marina Litvintseva and Natalia Klimova

Modern business administration approaches spread: Russia versus Italy

176 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The modern globalized scenario is characterized above all by the high level of mutual penetration of different economies. In such situation the parties exchange not only products, services and innovative technologies, but also skills, experience and best practices of economic activity conduct. The present book realizes an attempt to analyze the adoption in Russia of the best organizational, management and accounting approaches deep-rooted in the world business environment. Besides different general aspects of Russia’s international cooperation the research delivers, in particular, the comparison to one of the important European and world economies – Italy, a reliable and promising Russian economic partner. The foundations for new business methods spread, their convergence grade, the advantages for enterprises and the inevitable risks and difficulties during their application are described.
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