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Competitiveness in regional trade agreements: A case study of MERCOSUR   Federico Guillermo Topolansky Barbe

Competitiveness in regional trade agreements: A case study of MERCOSUR

428 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book focuses on the analysis and assessment of competitiveness within the Uruguayan broiler industry in a MERCOSUR context. Porter’s (1990) ‘national diamond’ was selected as the appropriate framework for analysis. This research reveals that the unique characteristics of the Uruguayan broiler industry are successfully accommodated within the selected framework. However, some modifications of the model are required to fully explain the progress of this industry. This study opted for an industry-level case study research strategy that is operationalized through in-depth personal interviews with owner directors and managers in six of the seven possible organizations within Uruguay. This is augmented by further data collection through sources in government and market relevant bodies in order to generate information on the national context. These findings were used to elaborate policy recommendations out of the collected data that would help Uruguayan broiler firms to compete with...
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