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Fair Value Measurement   Michelle Dirksen

Fair Value Measurement

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Because of the current credit crisis, the property market had become less active. The rising problem is how to determine the real values of the properties? The guidance on measuring fair value is dispersed across many standards and not always consistent. The IASB issued an exposure draft in May 2009 for a new standard ‘Fair value measurement'' following the credit crisis. This book offers insight into the consequences of this proposed valuation standard. By a diagnostic gap analysis research the current situation will be compared with the desired situation in successful implementation. The three most important adjustments of the proposed valuation standard are extensively analyzed. The analysis should provide meaningful information about the introduction of the new standard ‘Fair value measurement'' for the real estate sector, and should be especially useful for preparers and users of the financial statements in the real estate industry, or anyone else who is interested in the...
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