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Job Scope relationship with its Outcomes   Rabia Mushatq

Job Scope relationship with its Outcomes

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Job characteristics model is the important determinant to find out the employees’ reaction towards job redesigning. There are different reasons behind the redesigning of job; some important reasons have highlighted: firstly, everyone has to do the work in his/her life and work is an essential part of life and society; secondly, in every organization, the key to success is to provide high quality service and to create innovative and standardized products. For that purpose, collaboration, adaptability and problem solving are very important. The changes in work design affect the performance of employees and enhance the satisfaction level and intensity of motivation in the employees, lastly, job should be designed in such a manner as, and it must have substantial significance to managers, workers, and organizations. Furthermore, this study investigates the relationship between job scope and outcomes; such as job satisfaction, performance and internal work motivation. The role of job...
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