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Organizational Justice: Few Explorations   Sweta S. Malla

Organizational Justice: Few Explorations

396 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The research is concerned with understanding the role of organizational justice, and the parameters of organizational support mechanisms in sustenance and enhancement of psychological well-being, which in turn was postulated to contribute to a number of organizationally relevant outcome variables, with a focus upon the target group of a security – service organization personnel. Seven major hypotheses, eight auxiliary hypotheses, and six research questions were identified. The sample consisted of 270 male lower and middle level respondents from a government security-service (police) organization, who were located in the eastern, central, and western parts of a large state of north India. Major findings were that internal motivation, ego – resilience, well-being, and organizational justice were significant positive predictors of organizationally relevant outcome variables. Further, organizational justice, and organizational support were found to be positive contributors to well-being,...
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