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CRM Practices in Indian Star Hotels   Debajani Sahoo

CRM Practices in Indian Star Hotels

316 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Targeting,acquiring and retaining the "right" customers is at the core of many successful service firms.This book emphasize the importance of focusing carefully on desirable,loyal customers within the chosen segments and then taking pains to strengthen their loyalty through well-conceived relationship marketing strategies. The objective is to build relationships and to develop loyal customers who will do a growing volume of business with the firm in the future.Building relationships is a challenge, especially when a firm has vast numbers of customers who interact with the firm in many different ways, from email and websites to call centers and face to face interactions.When customer relationship management(CRM) systems are implemented well, they provide managers with the tools to understand their customers and tailor their service, cross-selling, and retention efforts, often on e one-on -one basis. Business today feels the necessity to constantly serve their customers for...
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