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Development and Implementation Issues for Managing Sales Performance   Angelos Vouldis

Development and Implementation Issues for Managing Sales Performance

260 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
The research project concentrates on the issues which an organization faces, in developing and implementing an efficient and cost-effective conceptual framework for measuring and managing sales performance in the automotive retail sector. Due to the global financial crisis, organisations experience an economic downturn. This makes the use of a standard framework which can support their derived action plans of vital importance. This framework would aim to offer a holistic view of the sales performance with accurate results. A review of the literature provided extensive information and analysis of the different models and frameworks that could be identified and used in performance measurement literature.The research indicates that the proposed framework connects the measurement results with the derived action plans following a continuing improvement approach. The project has not only a theoretical approach but it also focuses on the ...
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