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Consumer Awareness In Rural India   Lakshmana Vari Narayanaswamy and Jamakayala Krishna Murthy

Consumer Awareness In Rural India

444 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Consumers constitute the largest economic group in any country and are considered to be the core of all our economic activities. They need greater attention from all dimensions of the marketing sphere. With a vast number of goods and services on offer, it has become essential for a consumer to know his rights. In the present economic and social scenario the knowledge of consumer protection is very important as each one of us is a consumer in one form or other, and is liable to be received or taken for granted. If all businessmen scrupulously follow customer-oriented marketing i.e., producing quality goods that are required by the consumers there will not be any dissatisfaction among as consumers. Because of unfair trade practices indulged in by some businessmen such as supplying spurious and adulterated products, pricing the products very high, packing the products deceptively, giving false advertisements, etc., the consumer is being cheated. In view of the widely prevalent consumer...
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