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Cost Control System of RMG Sector in Bangladesh   Sultana Nahid

Cost Control System of RMG Sector in Bangladesh

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It was my great pleasure to be in touch with the organization as Velocity Winter Wear Limited, which is undoubtedly the most efficient and one of the best performing Garments Industry in our country. The internship program has given me immense opportunity to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. My practical experience obtained from performing different activities at Department of Accounts and Finance (Cost and Internal Control Section) have enhanced my view, mission, and acceptability as well as has increased my overall experience about to deal in real world phenomenon. My report is based on “Cost Control System of RMG Sector in Bangladesh- A Case Study on Velocity Winter wear Limited”, I have tried my best to make this report effective and realistic and my Endeavour will be fruitful at that time if anybody is benefited from this one. - Nahid Sultana
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