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The Impact of Information Systems on Organisational Maturity   Andrew Armstrong

The Impact of Information Systems on Organisational Maturity

292 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Within information systems governance, there has been intense and at times, heated discussion on whether the deployment of information systems frameworks enhance or hinder organisational maturity. Some auexperts advocate that frameworks provide guidelines for the evaluation of information processes, while others argue that information systems governance is qualitative and that distillation into a set of predefined processes freezes an organisation, which has to exist in a fluid and dynamic environment. The research endeavours to identify the effects of information systems frameworks on organisational maturity in the identified areas of importance and influence in information systems governance.Historically, business and information systems structures within organisations, have, for the most part, operated in isolation from each other. Each structure does not have a clear understanding of the contributions and requirements of the other. It may be time for those in the upper echelons of...
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