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Effective Green Management   Shahzeb Anwar and Zeeshan Abbas Awan

Effective Green Management

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Our planet is continuously under pressure due to irresponsible behavior of human beings of every generation and it is now facing problems in the shape of resources scarcity, green house gases, water pollution and rise in sea level. It is very important to cope up with these challenges now instead of putting coming generations in to trouble and danger. Marketers today are using the phenomenon of green marketing to reduce resource usage, emissions and recycle old products. The concept of green marketing underlies that products/services should be made and fulfil users’ needs without any harm to environment, natural resources and living species. According to Authors, there are three key players who can play active role in green marketing/management; these are companies, consumers and government. In this research, the authors conducted empirical study between Pakistan (developing) and Sweden (developed country) and found some amazing findings. Based on those findings, the Authors at...
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