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Employee Motivation: Non-govt Financing Companies of Bangladesh   Ahamed Alauddin

Employee Motivation: Non-govt Financing Companies of Bangladesh

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Motivation is a measure to raise the employee morale and make him enthusiastic to his work. It could be done in many ways. Every measure is not appropriate everywhere. Particularly in LDCs, it is proved that people are motivated mainly by higher salary and other economic benefits. It supports Maslow and Alderfer that lower order needs to be satisfied first in Bangladesh. The statement is also supported by my research data that have been gathered from the general employees. It doesn't mean that the higher order needs are not important, but they are less important in the eyes of the general employees. The lower order needs are sometimes got importance in the developing world as well like higher salary. But Maslow and Alderfer are particularly true in their argument for the poorer countries with high unemployment and poverty.
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