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Enhancement of Productivity Through IT Tools and Process Management   Angelos Menelaou

Enhancement of Productivity Through IT Tools and Process Management

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The management of human resources (HR) in the shipping industry is a continuing object of cost management due to the fact that labour cost is becoming an increasingly larger element of overall operational costs. While the fleet of merchant vessels constantly increases in size and the global supply of suitable seafarers shrinks, shipping organizations struggle to administrate their personnel more efficiently. Within this complex and cost-conscious environment,advanced, tailor-made information technology (IT) tools and optimized cost-efficient administrative shoreside working processes are a prerequisite for reliable and efficient HR management. The main aim of this book is to investigate the administrative environment of one of the world’s largest crew management companies, ‘Marlow Navigation’ and to develop appropriate functional IT instruments and methods aiming at improving productivity and quality of work. The proposed key variables of Marlow HR management system can serve...
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