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Entrepreneurship - With A Mission   Siddhartha Sankar Dash and Sabat Kumar Digal

Entrepreneurship - With A Mission

2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Is entrepreneurship the answer to unemployment,poverty eradication and small scale industrialization? The Indian state of Odisha is rich with its vast natural resources(mostly minerals and forest) but due to lack of entrepreneurial activities,it is one of the poorest states of India.It has been said Odisha is rich but Odias are poor.This book tries to analyze the present industrial scenario in Odisha, the attitude of the university graduates towards entrepreneurship,and the stimulation that is required for its indigenous population who constitutes around 26% of the state population. Accordingly, the authors have suggested Catch Them Young(CTY) an orientation programme at the school level for the secondary students,One Panchayat One Product(OPOP) and optimization of Common Property Resources(CPRS)to inculcate entrepreneurship culture in the state of Odisha.
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