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India - The Next R&D Cluster For Biopharmaceuticals?   Abtin Maghrour

India - The Next R&D Cluster For Biopharmaceuticals?

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The? cost? of? discovering? new? drugs? has? increased? significantly,? and? pharmaceutical? Multinational? Corporations? (MNCs)? have? market? pressures? to? decrease? prices? of? drugs. Moreover, the ?patents ?of ?numerous? blockbusters ?will? expire ?within ?the? next? few? years? and? the? MNCs? are? still? not? able? to? replace? them? with? new? profitable? blockbusters. ?Moreover,? companies? from? developing ?countries ?are ?trying? their? best? to? move? up? the? value? chain.? A? country? like? India? has? some? essential? advantages? in? terms? of ?cost ?reduction ?and ?access? to? highly skilled? labour? at ?lower ?cost. ?Therefore? it? is? assumed? that? the? developing? countries? might? have? the? potential? to? become? R&D? clusters.? This? work? will? try? to? identify? some? essential? factors? that? may? indicate? whether? India? has? the? potential? to? become? an? R&D? cluster? for? biopharmaceuticals.??
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