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Corporate Social Responsibility Discourse in the Mining Sector   Shem Sikombe

Corporate Social Responsibility Discourse in the Mining Sector

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The CSR discourse has taken a centre stage in the field of organisation and leadership today. This is so particularly because organisations are such a pervasive feature of our lives, the economic, social and political outcomes of organisational decisions do not only dominate our world, but have a huge impact on our lives and the society as a whole. Therefore, calls for ethical, moral and value based leadership which can be delivered through CSR has been dominating the field of leadership and organisation. The corporate scandals and abuse of power from organisational leaders entrusted with responsibilities have created fear and uncertainty among stakeholders. In this study the reader will understand how CSR discourse from the perspectives of the mining corporations and the communities and the implications of the CSR discourse on the effective implementation of CSR programmes in the mining industry using Zambia, the African largest copper producer as a case.
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