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The Role of Branding in Consumer's Buying Decision   Shahzad Khan

The Role of Branding in Consumer's Buying Decision

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The consumer decision-making, regarding purchase and utilization of different products and services, is influenced by many internal as well as external factors. Among the external factors the most important attribute of the product is its brand. Consumer buying behavior is affected by many socio-cultural factors like social class, demographics, personality and beliefs etc. However, besides these, the product itself also makes their decision for them because of the message it transmits, the significant logo of brand, the brand image, and awareness and the price. In order to investigate it, an exploratory study in which emphasis was on the non-product related attributes of a product (Branding) that affects the consumer buying decision while buying a certain product, like how the brand name and logo, brand awareness, brand association of a product have an impact on what the people buy for fulfilling their requirements or needs and whether these factors also influence the buying...
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