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Impact of Carbon Emissions on Customer's buying behaviour   Mudassar Ali

Impact of Carbon Emissions on Customer's buying behaviour

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Some customers are price and some are quality conscious but these days customers have the knowledge about the environmental issues, and they are much conscious about the environmental change that which factors are contributing more their role in destroying the environment these days and they know that how they can play their role to stop or slow down these activities by involving themselves being taking this social responsibility on their shoulders. So by having all the information regarding environmental issues customers necessity is this that they may want to know exactly that how much quantity the specific product will emit of carbon dioxide. Being a social responsible almost each customer tried his best to purchase the product that emit very low amount of carbon. Now the priority and buying behaviour of customer is approximately changed because now customer gave priority to low carbon emission products then on second they choose price and quality. This carbon labelling is printed...
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