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Emerging coping strategies in accessing livelihood   Mumbere Kikoli

Emerging coping strategies in accessing livelihood

412 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The population of the DRCongo suffer from chronic disasters caused by the inflation of the country currency, the ethnic based armed conflict from 1993, the coming of Rwandese refugee in 1994, war from 1996, the robbery attack, looting actions, pick pocketing actions, the regular volcanic mountain eruption, fear of the eruption of the Lake Kivu gas. Due to these issues,unemployed people involve in small scale trading activities, artisan business, provide services to people as consultant or working as an unskilled labour to look means of survival. The study found out various coping strategies including: On the working venue, micro entrepreneurs were selling their goods in the market, public places, along the road or avenue, room or office, rotated on roads or avenue calling up to customer while selling, cross- of- avenue, bus station, home, construction site and workshops. About the most profitable hour, peoples who targeted customers in the morning for people who wanted to serve people...
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