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Secrets to Competitiveness and Growth   Machira Mwangi

Secrets to Competitiveness and Growth

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the first bank started in Kenya in the late 19th century, the banking sector, has been the most competitive business wise .With many bank trying to outdo each other to get customers although over 70% of the bankable are yet to emblaze banking services. Equity bank started its operation just twenty(20) year ago have taken the established bank by surprise through it competitive e capabilities that have enabled to grow from a small micro finance institution to the biggest bank with a market share of 70% of the bank population and still expanding . The book looks at factors that have lead to this success .These are business linkages ,technology adaptation ,pricing of products ,flexibility of decision making , branch network, managerial skill ,social responsibilities employees experience & motivation, skill and core values. It target managers of both establish, small and medium firms as well as start-up business targeting growth for a very short period and...
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