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Determining Strategies For Cross-cultural Training- India Based MNC   Priti Acharya and Vivekanand Acharya

Determining Strategies For Cross-cultural Training- India Based MNC

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Growing number of MNCs have been attracted to India and many more are planning to enter India. This research work seeks to analyze the experience of multinational companies in India, with a particular emphasis on the sociocultural aspects of human resource management. The main purpose is to help expatriates in understanding the complex socio cultural aspects of Indian work culture and management practices and improving their effectiveness. Due to cultural differences in the host and the expatriate country the successful ratio to survive in the host country is decreasing and this impact on the globalization or the success of the any organization. “For this reason, international HR practitioners and management researchers alike are particularly interested in understanding how to best predict individuals who can live and work successfully in cross-national”. To meet the purpose, the study focuses on the following two research questions: a) The different cross-cultural training...
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