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Indian Concept of Personality and Job Stress   Mohammed Galib Hussain and P. Kavitha

Indian Concept of Personality and Job Stress

392 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Blind applications and mere generalization of western ideologies which are totally opposed and contradicting Indian psycho – philosophical thought cannot solve stress related problems in Indian corporates. It will be just like plugging leaves and branches to cut the tree instead of cutting the root of the tree. The problem of stress is pervasive among Indian corporate sector and is more pronounced in the IT sector. The Indian IT sector is struggling very hard in tackling the stress related problems of its employees and western theories of personalities 10 could not solve the problems as it is evidenced by stress prevailing in the IT sectors. Also, the vast literature of Indian psycho – philosophic thoughts are unexplored. In these circumstance, this study has made an attempt to identify the job stress factors and bring solution to stress related problems of IT sectors by applying a theory which is drawn totally based on Indian psycho-philosophical thought to determine the...
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