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Project Management Practice in Nigerian SMEs   Ugwu Ihesiene

Project Management Practice in Nigerian SMEs

128 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Project management has been mostly researched and applied within the context of large scale businesses in both private and public sectors of the Nigerian economy. Given the need for national transformation and sustainable development through revitalization of the SME sub-sector, the study of management of projects in SMEs has become imperative. Empirical evidences show lack of articulated framework for management of small projects and explain the estimated 80% failure rates for SMEs within five years of start-up. This book is a survey-based study of project management issues, problems and prospects in Nigerian SMEs. It further recommends deliberate steps vital for efficient project delivery such as: application of PM methods within acceptable economic and political frameworks, establishment of project management offices (PMOs) in SMEs, subsidizing cost of PM software, removal of multiple levies and taxes, and dealing with over-bearing influences of the owner-managers among other...
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