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Enhancing Knowledge Creation in Technology Transfer   Hidemi Yashiro

Enhancing Knowledge Creation in Technology Transfer

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Under the globalization of economies, the importance of cross-cultural management and knowledge creation increases. This study investigates the actor’s role in knowledge creation in technology transfer under the cross-cultural environment from Russian basic research to Japanese manufacturing industry. Firstly, a literature survey was conducted with respect to the following: 1. means of communication and management of projects, 2. role of actors in cross-cultural knowledge transfer and the knowledge creation in projects. From the survey, the model of “duel core” actors is proposed and verified. The duel core actors are people who communicate on both the sender side and the receiver side. The necessity of core actors is discussed in many examples of previous research, sometimes identified as a "gatekeeper" or a "transformer". However, there is no research which points out that such core actors need to exist on both sides, communicators functioning as dual core actors. For product...
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