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Sustainability and Growth of Low Cost Airlines   Md. Atiqur Rahman Sarker and VaraLaxmi Pillai

Sustainability and Growth of Low Cost Airlines

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The main objective of this study was to predict the sustainability of low cost airlines and to identify the future growth options for Low Cost Carriers. For this purpose, the research focused on the global low cost airline industry with regards to their macro environment, business models, competitive stance, and industry life cycle. Industry specialists and consumers both believe that LCC’s have benefited the industry by providing low fares and made air travel affordable. However both set of respondents also agree on the need for focus on CRM as a means for being sustainable. The research provided insight on the future opportunities and challenges in each of these regional markets along with the several future industry success and survival factors. The research concludes with two recommendations for LCC’s in terms of their future strategy development either reinvigorate their low cost differentiation strategy or innovate to gain a first mover advantage.
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