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Managing Absence in the UK Public Sector   Fiona Robson

Managing Absence in the UK Public Sector

408 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The business case for effective absence management is strong due to the direct costs involved; a recent survey suggests that absence currently costs the UK economy ?17 billion per year equating to nearly ?760 per employee. In addition there are a multitude of indirect costs such as impact on colleagues and managers, time taken to recruit and train replacements, and potential reduction in quality and quantity of outputs which can all have a negative impact. This book outlines research undertaken within an English Local Authority to look specifically at the roles played by first line managers in the managing sickness absence process. An overview of the key literature in the field is explored and is followed by a discussion of the methodological approach adopted.The results include a series of recommendations for organisations to identify ways that they can minimise their levels of sickness absence. The practical nature of this critical management issue means that it should be of...
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