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Strategy Made Easy   S. M. A. Moin

Strategy Made Easy

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
“STRATEGY MADE EASY” will alleviate your fears on strategy! When it comes to conceptualisation, strategy is an art but when it comes to formulation it is a science. This book makes strategy formulation easy by introducing a new strategy formulation model grounded from strategy literature. The author brings valuable insights about strategy from the perspectives of theorists, academics, practitioners, and great corporate leaders. This book also demonstrates the use of some of the powerful strategy tools; the testing of a new strategy model on the ground; and gives an example of a step by step approach used to develop strategy for a Scottish company. “STRATEGY MADE EASY” will facilitate the work of strategy consultants, enabling organisations to think strategically. Students studying Strategic Management such as MBA students will find it a valuable resource. The book is also for the more casual readers want to learn some of the basics of strategy.
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