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Performance based reward system   Thomas Oling'a

Performance based reward system

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Performance Based Reward System (PBRS) has been a topic in the human resource management literature for decades. Lately, it has received attention in public service. As Africa becomes globalized, there is demand to ensure goods and services produced are of excellent quality, hence the implementation of PBRS. The public service sector in Africa has been characterized by slow and poor quality service delivery. This book illustrates that PBRS is the solution for effective modern compensation administration, but faces challenges prior to its implementation. One primary challenge is the impact of mindset. Employee mindset is the most common determinant of committed and non-committed employees. Strong leadership and mindset ensures that managers and their subordinates work together effectively and efficiently towards a common goal, ensuring the success of the institution by delivering timely, quality services to customers. This book is useful to managers in the civil service, professionals...
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