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Challenges and Opportunities for Micro and Small Agribusinesses   Gedam Birhane

Challenges and Opportunities for Micro and Small Agribusinesses

132 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I have gone though this book and I found it very interesting in addressing issues of agribusinesses in general, micro and small agribusinesses in particular. Further, this book clearly represents the current status of agribusinesses in Ethiopia. Students, researchers and teachers will find it helpful while attending business classes, conducting business researches and performing business related tasks. The issues raised in the book and its completeness in covering the challenges and opportunities of micro and small agribusinesses in Ethiopia, is highly appreciable. Besides, the urgent benefits of the topic to third world countries and its emergence as a book is vital today. The different sub-sectors in agribusiness are covered here; and opportunities for agribusiness expansion are discussed,which is really interesting concept coverage. Generally, I found the book to be very helpful that can be universally used; and it is presented in an understandable language.Finally, I would like...
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