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Do New Tech-Based Firms Located in Science Parks Really Perform Better   Isaiah Ouma Omolo

Do New Tech-Based Firms Located in Science Parks Really Perform Better

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Science Parks have been considered to be centres for commercial research, innovation and development with close links to Higher Education Institutes, Industry and the Government. As a result, the New Technology Based Firms (NTBF) located within the Science Parks are perceived to be operating in supportive environment which has a positive influence in their overall performance. In this work, the author, basing his work on the resource based theory (RBT) and upper echelons theory (UET) and using mainly quantitative research method investigates the link between human resources embodied in the top management team (TMT) and firm performance. The parameters considered are: TMT performance, TMT polychronicity, TMT diversity and innovation speed with reference to the NTBF’s location (On - or Off - Science Park).
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