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Mineral Resource Management Principles and Best Practices   Wynand Bender

Mineral Resource Management Principles and Best Practices

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the acquisition by AngloGold Ashanti Ltd of open pit mines in East and West Africa with possible addition of Greenfield and Brownfield operations, was the emphasis of this research document to improve the current open pit mines in this region. Identifying Mineral Resource Management as a way to improve and manage operating practices, could additional value and the accompanied risks been identified. It was also realised that the current traditional, predominantly financial, indicators are increasingly becoming inadequate, this looking at alternative operating principles. Subsequent to this has proposals been made to acquire the necessary production and cost change by integrating structure, strategy, systems, style, skills, staff and the defined goals as proposed in this document. Using a “process-based” approach integrating (best) operating practices, can the concepts such as: living out the company’s strategic values; a learning organisation; better informed decision-making;...
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